Why Corporate Massage Specialists?

We're focussed on providing professional Corporate Massage services.

Wellness & Relaxation to Your Office

Wellness & Relaxation
To Your Office

Sydney’s most skilled massage therapists for corporate chair massage direct to your workplace or office.

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Corporate & Sporting Events

Small or Large Corporate & Sporting Events

Why not rejuvenate and refresh attendees at your next corporate or sporting event, anywhere and anytime.

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Servicing a Range of Industries

Servicing a Range
of Industries

We service a variety of industries and sectors. See the feedback from our many satisfied clients.


Invest in your employees’ health and wellness with corporate massage.

Would you like happier, healthier and more motivated employees? Corporate massage is now viewed as an integral part of health and wellness programs for hard-working employees, creating lasting results and contributing to the wellbeing and success of the entire organisation.

Among its many benefits, research by the American Institute of Stress has shown that corporate massage can help to reduce

employee stress, absenteeism, workers’ compensation claims and costs to employers.

Corporate workplace massage services are also a 100% tax deductible health benefit when offered free to all employees (subject to your company tax accountant’s approval), and Health Fund rebates are available under some private health insurance plans.

Therapeutic Massage
Creating a Healthy Workplace

Increase productivity, staff moral and an overall better work environment.

Healthy Workplace